Enter The Void

okay so last night i was with a few of my fellow stoop kids and we decided to chill out and watch the movie Enter The Void. I can honestly say it was one of the trippiest movies ive ever seen, but in a very strange way. I wont give away the movie to anyone who is interested in watching it, but lets just say there are a few (more like a shit ton) of sex scenes with this guy watching his stripper sister have a bunch of sex.

Anyways, im sorry im still not posting any original works of mine, im working on finding a way to post my music and have you guys listen to it without having to download it... For now i have a collection of some of my favorite people in music right now. This first song is by my man Chris Webby who is just this white kid from the burbs of CT, but he can RIPPPP.

>> Oh and to all the kids who live at John Street Pay attention to the bottom left corner of this video. I think youll have a laugh <<

Chris Webby - Raising the Bar pt. 2

Stinkahbell - Frankenstein

Wiz Khalifa - In The Cut

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