These shits is fuckin dopeee

Nothin really to say... finally have the summer off from school so ill be on this more (lies) so its all good. Just check this shit out --->>>



Bulletprooph - BillyBlunts Dubstep Remix

Hey everyone, i know its been a while since ive updated this blog and a lot has been going on with music, but im just informing you its not all gone to waste. while i have not been keeping up with my blog, i have been trying to finish a piece of music ive been working on for some time now. Now finally today i realesed the song for public listening pleasure.

Click Here To Listen


mmmm the sounds of Dubstep

Im really digging modestep lately. My man Di-Lon thinks im half gay because of it, but i want to hear what you guys think.

Modestep - Sunlight


Procrastination is my worst enemy....

Uhh yeah... so im here writing a paper for an english class and this track came on my shuffle. Had to share it with you, and also took the liberty of adding a few other tracks you might enjoy. Just be careful because the bass is not skin resistant and has been known to melt faces at high volumes...


Bassnectar - BoomBox

Skrillex - Kill Everybody (Bare Noise remix)



These songs are the equivalent to ear rape. You've been warned...

Emalkay - When I Look at You

Modestep - Feel Good

Soooooo Busy...

I dont know where the time has gone! Its been a full week since my last post and so much has happened in the meantime that i wont even bother putting in this thing. Up to date things though, YES I am going to BONAROO with the one and only Luke Ferrigno and 3 other very fine ladies. Im so excited to see all the artists that will have shows, oh my gosh it will be fantastically crazy. If you have already bought your ticket or plan to, I hope to see you there!

on a little more depressing note... I lost my wallet yesterday and have a butt load of shit to do so the likely hood of my being able to post on this every day is thin, but i will obviously try my best. In the mean time just sit back and listen as your face melts onto your keyboard with these fine tunes i have for you today. Dont even try to act like you know ;)

Phone Numbers - Wiz Khalifa

Act Like You Know - Nero


Last Night Was...

Pretty freakin awesome. I went to the Chris Webby show at Webster Hall last night and the show was ridiculous. The only complaint was that everyone else who played before Webby was absolutely terrible and he was like an hour late so his set was a tad short. He played some of his bangers like lalala and Starry Eyed and overall had a great show.

In other news... im sorry that ive been slacking on the posting, its been quite a wild couple of days. Im going to try to keep this blog as up to date as possible with sick hip hop and dubstep.

Chasing Shadows - It was Written (Damien Marly Dubstep Remix)

Dead Prez (Dubstep Remix) - Hip Hop